Low-Cost Counselling Vancouver

Low-Cost Counselling is Within Reach

Your mental health shouldn’t have to wait until you can afford counselling.

It’s time to

Prioritize Your 

Mental Health

We get it, the cost of counselling can’t be at the top of the list.

You balance daily stresses, growing mental distress and feel like you can’t afford to see a counsellor.

Until now.

Low-Cost Counselling Vancouver

You’re tired of putting your name on a waitlist for low-cost counselling and then hearing crickets for months on end.

You worry that private practice counselling is a luxury you can’t afford without extended health benefits.


You Need Help Now.

Professional counselling at a low cost should be available to anyone who needs support. You need a safe place to speak freely, learn strategies that really work, and finally feel like you’re moving forward. 


  • Finding a counsellor that you truly click with and gets where you’re coming from
  • Matching with your therapist within a week of booking your session
  • Accessing unlimited sessions that fit your schedule
  • Not feeling constrained by the cost of counselling sessions 
Low-Cost Counselling Vancouver

Low Cost Counselling at Parallel Wellness


A safe space to explore the ins and outs of your mental health and relationships focused on helping you become your best self. 

Our professional low-cost counselling services will help you get to the root of the issues you face, build resilience and coping skills, and step into a life with less stress and distress.


How Does it Work?

Life-Changing Next Steps


Book Your FREE Consultation

Let us match you with the counsellor that best fits your needs (we’re good at this!)

Attend Your First Session

This can be nerve-wracking, but we’ll support you in relaxing and getting the most of out this session

Dig-in and Feel the Difference

In as little as 3 sessions, you’ll start thinking and feeling better. We’ll be honest, it can be tough work, but you’ll never regret it

Based on 11 reviews
Both Meredith and Laura are amazing therapists and have a genuine passion for body image concerns.
Andrea Zimmering
Andrea Zimmering
As a Holistic Nutritionist and Meditation Mindfulness Instructor it has been a pleasure working alongside Parallel Wellness to offer diverse teachings and resources for people seeking support. It is clear that the team at Parallel Wellness care deeply about educating and empowering individuals in need of care and I have been extremely honoured to help contribute content to their platform
Shannon Rose
Shannon Rose
I have worked with Meredith and had the pleasure to get to know her. While she is dedicated to her education and career, she is also down to earth and a great person.
Caitlin Allen
Caitlin Allen
Meredith and I have worked together for four years at an organization serving clients and families who are experiencing significant mental health and psychiatric challenges. Meredith is one of the most empathic, skilled, intelligent, caring, and attuned therapeutic professionals I know. She is constantly seeking to advance her practice in admirable ways that best serve the needs of clients and incorporate research-based approaches. Meredith has extensive experience with a vast range of clients, such as ones struggling with eating disorders, trauma, abuse, depression, and anxiety. Her passion and care for meeting clients where they are at to best support their growth is inspiring. Meredith and the other counsellors at Parallel Wellness are my first recommendation to friends and family seeking therapeutic support. The mind-body approach employed by the counsellors at Parallel Wellness is one I view as critically important in supporting clients with a holistic approach to therapeutic care. The team at Parallel Wellness understands the importance of wrap around services and views the client as the expert of their challenges. I would recommend booking in for a consult to anyone I know!
collins jammal
collins jammal
Meredith and I have worked in the same organisation for a couple of years and I got to know her better when we worked on the same team for about 2 years. She is a gifted listener who holds a compassionate, non-judgmental space. She is genuine, warm, thoughtful and passionate about providing evidence based care, indicative from her continuous professional development. Meredith is a seasoned clinician with breadth of experiences particularly with eating disorder and offers empirically supported assessments, treatments, consultation services to individuals experiencing mental health disorders, their families and helping professionals. I use her as a resource when working with clients with complex eating disorder in my practice. I would have no difficulty recommending Meredith to my clients, friends and family.
Samar Shatta MCP RCC
Samar Shatta MCP RCC
Meredith is a great leader and therapist. She is inspiring, encouraging, and loving. I highly recommend her.
Dr. Amber Eckel
Dr. Amber Eckel
All I can say is that Meredith and her Parallel Wellness team are exceptional. We all know that making the choice to see a counsellor can be hard, and the parallel wellness team definitely takes that burden off. Meredith is knowledgeable, caring and always implements effective techniques to get to the root of the problem and strategies to move forward. Not only does she get results with her clients, she is always there in the case that other/new problems arise further down the road. Thank you Meredith for bring my go-to for the past 7yrs!


For $50 per 50-minute session you’ll receive professional, supervised counselling from a Masters-Level Intern, supervised by Meredith MacKenzie.

The first step is to book your consultation session.

It’s time to give yourself permission to feel good about your mental health — once and for all

Alleah Bowring Masters-Level Intern

You can expect her counselling to be a blend of verbal and nonverbal therapy in which communication may come through talking or through the process of creating using art materials. Alleah recognizes that the client is the expert in their own life and works collaboratively with each individual to help them gain insight and awareness that can lead to change and toward desired goals.

Alleah believes the path to healing is relational. She tends to the therapeutic relationship gently but directly, by offering a supportive and accepting space with a focus on connection to self and to others.

Alexandra Pesa Junior Therapist 

Alexandra is a friendly, warm, compassionate individual who believes that everyone is deserving of support and a safe space to grow. 

Offering a warm, healing, and compassionate presence, Alexandra aspires to provide clients with a brave space to navigate their inner and outer worlds through approaches that encompass the mind, body, and soul. She believes that fostering this brave space with clients’ can be done through empowerment and non-judgment in order to allow clients the opportunity to step out of their realm of comfort and step toward areas of growth.

Operating from a trauma-informed and anti-oppressive lens, Alexandra looks forward to working empathetically with clients and approaching their worldviews with gentle curiosity.

Sessions are $100 per 50 minutes.