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This plan was developed to keep our clients and staff members as safe as possible in our office setting. As such, everyone who enters our offices for services must commit to some recommended and safe practices to minimize the risk and transmission of COVID-19.  The overall goal of this protocol is to reduce potential COVID-19 […]


July 1, 2020

In-Person Therapy Sessions During COVID-19

This blog is being written during the time of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, however it is intended to apply to e-counselling at any time. Telephone and virtual counselling are a blessing to many, and many of my clients prefer it. Some benefits include: easier scheduling hours that fit in with your daily activities, no need to commute, and enhanced comfort with sessions in your own home, office or in the community.

Counselling, General

March 30, 2020

Preparing for Virtual Counselling

So where does this virtual reality journey start?… When I was younger, I often daydreamed of stepping into alternate realities. I think it’s pretty typical of a carefree child to dream about imagined worlds and fantasies, especially with books like Harry Potter and role-playing video games occupying so much of my mind and time. There […]

Anxiety, Counselling, General, Health for Mental Health, In the Media, Stress Reduction

October 30, 2019

Exposure Therapy for Anxiety using Virtual Reality

Netflix produces series and movies have become an entertainment source many people have come to look forward to. They’re gutsy and tell unique stories that you won’t find anywhere else. When I received the announcement to my email inbox that Netflix next slatted hit was a movie staring Lily Collins, about a women seeking treatment […]

Eating Disorders, In the Media

July 20, 2017

‘To The Bone’: More Harm than Help

When you don’t know the differences between mental health professionals, it can make deciding which professional will best suit your needs difficult. Many people, at some point in their lives, seek help from a mental health professional. I like to think that each profession has its specialty contribution to helping clients. In some cases, a […]


January 16, 2017

PSYCHOLOGIST vs THERAPIST vs PSYCHIATRIST: Choosing Your Mental Health Professional

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