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Self-Care: Where Do You Start??Self-care is a popular word thrown around to describe intentional actions aimed at better our overall coping and mental well-being. But where should you start?After many conversations with clients over the years, I created a video on this topic to make starting a self-care routine a little easier. Once you’ve watched […]

Anxiety, Counselling, Depression, Resources, Stress Reduction

April 16, 2020

Self Care Worksheets

With so many apps available in the app store, knowing where to start, which reviews to trust and what is actually recommended by real mental health professionals can be confusing. Read Ashley’s review of mental health apps.

Anxiety, Couples, Depression, General, Resources, Stress Reduction

November 20, 2019

Mental Health Apps That Are Therapist Approved

mental health apps

Progressive Muscle Relaxation is the intentional tensing and releasing of various muscle groups to restore a sense of relaxation and calm to your body and is a great technique for stress reduction. It is suggested to hold the tension in a muscle group for 7-10 seconds. If you have any pain or discomfort at a […]

Anxiety, Depression, Resources, Stress Reduction

September 24, 2018

Progressive Muscle Relaxation: Calm Your Body and Mind

I aspire to meet the person, especially living in Vancouver or the Lower Mainland, who arrives home at the end of the day, every day, feeling completely relaxed and restful. Many of us are looking for strategies to reduce stress and decompress throughout the week. A good song playing in the car on the commute home, […]

Depression, Health for Mental Health, Stress Reduction

April 24, 2017

12 Effective Strategies to Reduce Stress During the Work Week

Strategies to Reduce Stress

In the middle of this long winter when it’s not quite time for a holiday break, turn to these tips to help improve the precious time you get to sleep. The quality of sleep can best be measured by how energized you feel the next morning. Getting more sleep doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a better […]

Depression, Health for Mental Health

March 6, 2017

The Sleep Dilemma: Catch Better Zzz’s Not More Zzz’s

Tips For Better Sleep

With short days and grey skies, the last few months of winter can cause a case of the winter blues. for many of us. Here in Vancouver specifically, this winter has been particularly daunting with the added weather extremes of heavy snowfall combating with weeks on end of rain. It’s enough to leave even the […]

Counselling, Depression, Making Changes

February 27, 2017

8 Simple Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

Spending time with friends, while be active are two ways to combat the winter blues.

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