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With so many apps available in the app store, knowing where to start, which reviews to trust and what is actually recommended by real mental health professionals can be confusing. Read Ashley’s review of mental health apps.

Anxiety, Couples, Depression, General, Resources, Stress Reduction

November 20, 2019

Mental Health Apps That Are Therapist Approved

mental health apps

Eating Disorders Recovery Holiday Survival Plan // The holiday season is a challenging time for those in eating disorder recovery. Rather than losing your eating disorders recovery motivation, follow our eating disorder holiday survival guide to increase your success managing your eating disorder during the holidays. This video includes a complete eating disorder recovery holiday […]

Eating Disorders

November 16, 2019

Eating Disorders Recovery Holiday Survival Plan

So where does this virtual reality journey start?… When I was younger, I often daydreamed of stepping into alternate realities. I think it’s pretty typical of a carefree child to dream about imagined worlds and fantasies, especially with books like Harry Potter and role-playing video games occupying so much of my mind and time. There […]

Anxiety, Counselling, General, Health for Mental Health, In the Media, Stress Reduction

October 30, 2019

Exposure Therapy for Anxiety using Virtual Reality

Back to school time presents a host of anxieties for children and youth. Read Jannie Ngo’s ideas for how to handle back to school anxiety.

Anxiety, Children

August 27, 2019

Back to School Anxiety: How to Handle Back to School Anxiety

Classroom of students looking at a presentation, with the professor at the front of the class. The words "How to Handle Back to School Anxiety" overlay the image.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation is the intentional tensing and releasing of various muscle groups to restore a sense of relaxation and calm to your body and is a great technique for stress reduction. It is suggested to hold the tension in a muscle group for 7-10 seconds. If you have any pain or discomfort at a […]

Anxiety, Depression, Resources, Stress Reduction

September 24, 2018

Progressive Muscle Relaxation: Calm Your Body and Mind

This article is a special feature written by Paul Sweatman, a divorce mediator practice in the Vancouver-area. Paul offers clients an alternative to using a lawyer for the entire process, creating a space for dignity and respect. We’re happy to feature Paul’s article and recommend his services to our clients going through a divorce. I once traveled […]

Couples, Divorce

September 25, 2017

Marriage as a Flight: A Divorce Mediator’s Perspective

Marriage as a Flight - divorce mediation

Everyone struggles with feeling tired from time to time. It’s very common that people misuse, and sometimes abuse, the quick fix remedy of caffeine. Caffeine takes its form in various foods we eat, however, our North American culture is highly conditioned to sip a coffee, tea, or energy drink to keep our eyes open and […]

Health for Mental Health, Stress Reduction

August 5, 2017

10 Effective Ways to Stay Awake Without Caffeine

10 Ways to Stay Away Without Caffeine

Netflix produces series and movies have become an entertainment source many people have come to look forward to. They’re gutsy and tell unique stories that you won’t find anywhere else. When I received the announcement to my email inbox that Netflix next slatted hit was a movie staring Lily Collins, about a women seeking treatment […]

Eating Disorders, In the Media

July 20, 2017

‘To The Bone’: More Harm than Help

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